The Council is composed of the following members.

Mrs R.H. Absalom (Con) Reigate Central
Mr D. Allcard (Con) South Park and Woodhatch
Mr L.S. Ascough (Con) Horley West
Mr R.H. Ashford (Con) Kingswood with Burgh Heath
Mr M.S. Blacker (Con) Reigate Central
Mrs N.J. Bramhall (Con) Redhill West
Mrs J. S. Bray (Res-Group) Tattenhams
Mr V.W. Broad (Con) Tadworth and Walton
Mr M.A. Brunt (Con) Merstham
Mr R.W. Coad (Con) Redhill East
Mr G.P. Crome (Con) Merstham
Mr G.R. Curry (Con) Tadworth and Walton
Mr J.E. Durrant (Con) Earlswood and Whitebushes
Mr J.M. Ellacott (Con) Redhill West
Mr J.C.St.A. Essex (Green) Redhill East
Mr K. Foreman (Con) Chipstead Hooley and Woodmansterne
Mr J.S. Godden (Con) Meadvale and St Johns
Dr. Z. Grant-Duff (Con) Reigate Hill
Dr. L.R. Hack (Con) Banstead Village
Mr R. Harper (Res-Group) Tattenhams
Mr N.D. Harrison (Res-Group) Tattenhams
Mr A.C.J. Horwood (Con) Horley West
Mr E. Humphreys (Con) Banstead Village
Mr F. Kelly (Con) Merstham
Mr J.P. King (Con) South Park and Woodhatch
Mr G.J. Knight (Con) Horley East
Mr S.A. Kulka (Lib-Dem) Meadvale and St Johns
Mr A.M. Lynch (Con) Horley Central
Mr R.S. Mantle (Con) Chipstead Hooley and Woodmansterne
Mr S. McKenna (Green) Redhill East
Mrs R. Mill (Con) Kingswood with Burgh Heath
Mr R.C. Newstead (Con) Reigate Hill
Mr S. Parnall (Con) Kingswood with Burgh Heath
Mr J. Paul (Con) Preston
Mr D.J. Pay (Con) Redhill West
Mr D.T. Powell (Con) Horley Central
Mrs R. Renton (Con) Earlswood and Whitebushes
Mrs D.A. Ross-Tomlin (Con) Salfords and Sidlow
Mr T. Schofield (Con) Horley East
Mr M.J. Selby (Res-Group) Nork
Mr B.A. Stead (Res-Group) Nork
Mr J.M. Stephenson (Con) Chipstead Hooley and Woodmansterne
Mr C. Stevens (Con) Horley Central
Mrs A.F. Tarrant (Lib-Dem) Meadvale and St Johns
Ms B.J. Thomson (Con) Earlswood and Whitebushes
Mrs R.S. Turner (Con) Tadworth and Walton
Mr S.T. Walsh (Con) Banstead Village
Mr C.T.H. Whinney (Res-Group) Reigate Central
Mr J.C. White (Res-Group) Nork

The political make up for the Council is currently

Conservative Group (38 members)
Residents' Group (7 members)
Green Party (2 members)